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Facade Panels

EOS facade panels are an innovative panel system which are fully engineered and assembled offsite in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The framed solution is designed to accommodate the fixing of any type of facade panelling or curtain walling system.

EOS facade panels are entirely manufactured offsite, arriving pre-insulated (if required) as a complete unitised system, minimising variability and enabling rapid construction onsite.

Pre Insulated Panels

EOS facade panels can be provided pre-insulated (if required) as a warm-frame, rapid build solution consisting of EOS light gauge steel framing, insulation and high quality external facade (if or where required). As a high performance ‘warm frame’ solution, all or most of the insulation is on the outside of the steel frame. This reduces thermal bridging, reducing cold spots on the internal surface of the wall. It also keeps the steel above the dew point temperature, eliminating interstitial condensation.

EOS steel framed buildings are SCI compliant and recent tests by the BRE and BPB show that EOS frames achieved ISO BSEN 1365 part 1, ISO BSEN 140 part 3 and ISO BSEN 140 part 6 on fire, thermal and acoustic performance.

Rapid Dry Envelope

EOS facade panels are entirely manufactured offsite, arriving pre-insulated as a complete unitised system enabling rapid construction onsite. This supports efficient project management and means a weather tight envelope can be constructed much quicker. Build times are reduced by approximately 50-60% over traditional methods due to offsite construction being accurate first time and not subject to weather delays.

Versatility and Freedom

Working with EOS systems provides the versatility and freedom to push architectural boundaries. Our technical and design teams will work with you to maximise the many benefits of steel and our rigorous manufacturing standards ensure complex requirements can be accommodated.

Cost Effective and Efficient

Using lean manufacturing processes minimises waste and drives an efficient operation, enabling cost benefits to be passed on to our customers. We do not start manufacturing until your site survey has been carried out or until the client gives instruction, ensuring a ‘fit-first-time’ and supplying on a ‘just-in-time’ basis, provides maximum efficiency on all levels.

There are many benefits to using offsite manufactured light steel frame compared to traditional methods of construction to deliver value – whether it be stick built or prefabricated, these benefits include:

  • Manufactured in factory controlled conditions – delivering superior quality
  • Speed of construction – shorter build times
  • Safer construction – improves onsite health and safety
  • Reduced site labour requirement – increases resource efficiency
  • Reduced wastage in manufacture and onsite – minimises the impact on the environment and disposal costs
  • High strength to low weight ratio – delivering reduced loading on foundations and infrastructure
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