SustainabilityAt EOS we believe sustainability is imperative for every structure.

Building a Sustainable Future

The statistics cannot be ignored – buildings are responsible for nearly half of the UK’s carbon emissions, half of its water consumption, around a third of its landfill waste and a quarter of all raw materials used in the economy.

EOS Facades is dedicated to promoting sustainability at every stage of the construction journey – our steel is highly recyclable, providing little onsite waste. We are developing increasingly sustainable solutions in line with internationally recognised standards. We are fully committed to helping to shape a more sustainable future.

Corporate Social Responsibility

EOS Facades uphold sustainable development principles, both within the manufacturing and construction industry and beyond within other sectors. As leading innovators within the sector, we recognise that we have a key role to play in influencing the whole of our industry and the wider community – including Government and business in general – to adopt more sustainable policies and working practices. We continuously develop increasingly sustainable solutions in line with internationally recognised standards.

Collaboration is Key

We will continue to collaborate with external organisations to ensure that we address the key areas of sustainability. The organisation will embrace and apply best practice principles in all activities, over and above legislative requirements – setting clear strategies, ensuring open and transparent reporting structures.

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